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Tap the Black Tiles and Enjoy the Music in Magic Tiles 1

Magic Piano Tiles is the super fun musical arcade game in which quick fingers and musical rhythm is a must! You need to press all of the tiles before they disappear off of the screen to make sure that the songs continue play beautifully with every note hit. If you listen carefully you will recognize the tune and staying in time with the beat will become even easier. Try to hit as many tiles as possible in a row for the ultimate high score. There are plenty of songs to play and if you want even more then try Perfect Piano for another challenge.

magic tiles 1

Quickly tap just the black tiles as they speed up with each point earned. Tap along to different songs as you play the piano in beat. If you tap wrong or miss a tile then it is game over and your high score will be submitted to the leaderboards. Challenge your friends to see who is the best in this online version of the popular app.

Fydo's Magic Tiles is a match-four action puzzle game for Game Boy and compatible systems! Match at least 4 tiles vertical or horizontal and clear them from the board. Pop magic bubbles with a match right next to them. Match 6 or more to start a combo, and keep matching to get bonus stars! Find and unlock all 17 Star Tiles to complete the game!

where did you get the pattern for magic tiles i bought one in Hawaii last year but can not find it anywhere in my house, would like to get another one or acopy even, cuz i am sure i will find it eventually. thanks for your time. tracy

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