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Jesus the Messiah

Justice, Mercy, Faithfulness




Messiah Jesus Lifehouse Church彌賽亞耶穌生命河教會

Return to Israel A Biblical Standard Online Network Church


       Jesus Christ is not only the Messiah of Israel, but also the Messiah of all mankind. He is God's representative on earth, the Messiah who has conquered the devil's darkness and sin, the head of the Church, the center of our lives, and the hope for our souls in the future. Repent, return to the Bible, trust in Jesus Christ, and fight the good fight by the Word of God.



I. Characteristics of the Church:


1. A church that returns to the faith and culture of Israel

2. A biblically standardized church

3. A Messianic Jesus-centered Church, establishing the purest Messianic Jesus Church.

4. The Church of Israel's faith culture through rapid online transmission

5. Core Values:

(1), Love, Hope, and Faith

(2), justice, compassion (love), faithfulness

(3), Return to Israel, Blessing of Israel


6. The priority of faith life:

(1) God is first.

(2) The Church is the second

(3), Family as a Third Party

(4), Career is the fourth

(5), Society as the Fifth


7. Statement of Faith:

God the Head, Christ the Center, Holy Spirit, Biblical Standards, Faith, Virtue, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Faithfulness to the End.






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