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Crafting and Building 1.18: The Ultimate Update for Creative Builders

Crafting and Building 1.18 Update Download: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of building games, you might have heard of Crafting and Building, a free game that lets you create your own constructions, play with pets, and explore the world with your friends. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the latest Crafting and Building 1.18 update, which brings new features, improvements, and bug fixes to the game.

crafting and building 1.18 update download

What is Crafting and Building?

Crafting and Building is a game developed by GeneRe, a studio that specializes in simulation, sandbox, and casual games. It was released in 2020 and has since gained over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. It is also available for PC devices.

A free building game for the whole family

Crafting and Building is a game that appeals to players of all ages, from kids to adults. It is a game where you can unleash your creativity and imagination, as you can build anything you want, from a simple house to a majestic castle. You can also decorate your house with furniture, paintings, and plants, and make it your cozy home.

Features of Crafting and Building

Some of the features that make Crafting and Building a fun and engaging game are:

  • Multiplayer mode: You can play online with your friends, visit their worlds, help them with their constructions, or compete with them to see who has the best building.

  • Pets: You can adopt different animals, such as dogs, cats, horses, or mice, and take care of them. You can also ride some of them and explore the world faster.

  • Villagers and animals: You can interact with the villagers and trade with them. You can also encounter various animals in the wild, such as cows, sheep, pigs, or chickens.

  • Many block types: You have a wide range of blocks to choose from, such as grass, stone, wood, glass, metal, or even temple stone. You can use them to create different structures and designs.

  • Cool graphics: You can enjoy the best pixel graphics with high fps. The game also has different weather effects, such as rain, snow, or thunderstorms.

  • Free game: You can play the game for free without any limitations or in-app purchases.

What is new in Crafting and Building 1.18 update?

The latest update for Crafting and Building was released on April 17th, 2023. It brings some new additions, improvements, and bug fixes to the game. Here are some of the highlights:

New blocks, items, and animals

The update adds some new blocks, items, and animals to the game. Some of them are:

  • Lanterns: A new light source that can be placed on walls or ceilings. They have a warm glow that creates a cozy atmosphere.

  • Bamboo: A new plant that can be found in jungles. It can be used to craft scaffolding or sticks.

  • Pandas: A new animal that can be found in jungles. They are cute and friendly creatures that love bamboo.

  • Foxes: A new animal that can be found in taigas. They are shy and nocturnal creatures that like to hunt chickens.

  • Berries:Berries: A new food item that can be found in bushes. They can be eaten raw or cooked into pies.

  • Campfires: A new block that can be used to cook food or create smoke signals. They also emit light and sound.

Improved graphics and performance

The update also improves the graphics and performance of the game. Some of the improvements are:

  • Shaders: The game now supports shaders, which add realistic lighting, shadows, and water effects to the game. You can choose from different shader options in the settings menu.

  • Texture packs: The game now supports texture packs, which change the appearance of the blocks, items, and animals in the game. You can download and apply different texture packs from the game's website or the community.

  • Faster loading: The game now loads faster and smoother, thanks to the optimization of the code and the assets. You can also adjust the render distance and the fps limit in the settings menu.

Bug fixes and optimizations