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Updated: May 1, 2021

Following Jesus is a mini series designed to ground followers of Jesus in their faith and equip them to be fruitful members of Christ's body. Using storytelling techniques and incorporating images and clips from the "JESUS" film, "Following JESUS" teaches biblical principles and demonstrates how to live as a follower of Christ.


A few men in the village walk and talk. The JESUS film has been shown in their village and it's made an impression. One man keeps remembering how Jesus brought the daughter of Jairus from death to life.

When God created the world, everything was good. But now, there's no justice. A father wonders what happened to the good God who created everything. The son assures his father that God is still good. But it was man and woman who changed everything by disobeying God. The world changed. And we were all separated from God. But God sacrificed Jesus, His son, to redeem us so we could be with Him again.

They talk about Jesus fighting corruption in the temple, insisting that injustice shouldn't be a part of this world. The son agrees that God is kind and shows love and mercy and allows people to return to Him through Jesus. He who knows Jesus knows God.

God allowed Jesus to be crucified for us out of unconditional love. And because Jesus reconciles us with God, we can talk with God again and He will care for us.


A doctor examines the local villagers. A young boy has a fever. They remember Jesus healed sick children and the father can't help but hope that Jesus would perform a similar miracle for his boy.

One of the women remembers how much Jesus cared for the children. He fed them, and others too. He told His followers to never be afraid, because He'd care for them. The disciples called out to Him when it looked like they would be killed by a storm. But Jesus calmed the storm immediately.

They wonder what being with Jesus in person would be like. They hope that Jesus will heal the boy. Jesus healed a demon-possessed boy and a blind man in the film they watched. So the boy could absolutely be healed as well. He says they should all pray to Jesus with sincere hearts for what they need.


A family talks about how Jesus healed the sick boy! He performed a miracle. They remember to ask God for what they want and need. The father assures them that their relationship is strengthened when they just talk to God.

They think about how talking to each other helps them feel loved and happy. Communication keeps them close. The father assures them that God is like their father. He cares for them and wants to get closer to them.

The son wonders why everyone doesn't always get what they want. But the father reminds him of what Jesus said about faith and the mustard seed. Jesus assured His disciples that if they had faith in Him as big as a mustard seed, they could ask and mountains would move. The mother reminds them all how Jesus taught the disciples to pray.


The local men talk about a canal project that's been approved but hasn't been built. The government refuses to get started and the farm owners are suffering. They are reminded to defend their cause like a rock. But they don't understand.

He tells them they're all different now because of Jesus. They need to be strong and keep peace in the village, even as they defend their cause.

The women say that building your house on Jesus as a foundation is like building on rock. They are reminded to practice the things they've learned and believe. It'll make a difference to those in the village. Jesus taught that spreading the gospel is like sowing seeds. Not everyone will grow. But some might take root and bear fruit.

The men talking about the canal decide to approach the village like Jesus approached people: in peace and unity. They decide to practice what Jesus teaches them and do their best to take care of the needs of their neighbors.

5、Sharing Your Faith With Others

The men play cards and share wonderful news. Government credits will help them buy back their lands and free themselves from debt. They spot a man who's not from the village, a famous actor!

Johnny Lever has heard about the miracles in their village and wants to ask about the improvements. They gladly tell him about the JESUS film and the work God has done in their village. They explain who Jesus was, why He was important, and how He's changed their lives.

Johnny sits with the new believers and shares his own testimony. His son had a dangerous tumor and needed to have a surgery. Pastors assured him that Jesus would heal the boy. Some people tried to give him advice based on things other than Jesus. But he prayed and God told him clearly to go ahead with the surgery. He came through the surgery well and safe.

The villagers resolve to continue praying and sharing their experiences so that others might believe.

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