may our bread always last 願我們的麵包永遠持久!(Englishi)

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Connecting over a film is more about listening and sharing. The questions below only serve as a springboard.Pick your favorites and see what stories you discover along the way. 約翰娜,一個單親媽媽提醒希望的,因為她認為她已經跌到了谷底。 通過電影進行連接更多地是關於聆聽和分享。下面的問題只能作為一個跳板。 挑選你的最愛,看到你前進的道路上探索什麼樣的故事。

Intro: The 2013 winner of the Best Short Under 10 Minutes from the Attic Film Festival, Jätku Leiba (pronounced “zhat-coo lay-bah”), a blessing meaning “may our bread always last”, is beautiful story filmed in Tallinn, Estonia. - Did you enjoy this film? Why or why not? - What things were broken in this film? - What do you think about the note “Nothing Is Broken Forever”? Do you agree or disagree? - How do you deal with brokenness? - If someone could glue together the broken parts of your life, would you want that?

簡介:2013年閣樓電影節“最佳短片短片短片10分鐘”的得主,JätkuLeiba(發音為“ zhat-c​​oo lay-bah”),是個祝福,意思是“願我們的麵包永遠持久”,是在塔林拍攝的美麗故事,愛沙尼亞。 -你喜歡這部電影嗎?為什麼或者為什麼不? -在這部影片中被打破什麼東西? -您如何看待“永無休止”的音符?你同意還是反對? -你是如何處理與破碎? -如果有人可以將生活中破碎的部分粘合在一起,您是否想要那?

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